Notion keyboard reference:


Mod1+Tabgo right
Mod1+k Tabgo left
Mod1+pgo up
Mod1+ngo down
Mod1+ssplit vertically
Mod1+k ssplit horizontally
Mod1+k xmerge with sibling
Mod1+cclose current object
Mod1+renter resize mode
←, →, ↑, ↓grow in specified direction (add shift to shrink)
f, b, p, ngrow in specified direction
F, B, P, Nshrink from specified direction
Escapeexit resize mode
Mod1+k hmaximize horizontally
Mod1+k vmaximize vertically


Mod1+1 - Mod1+0to numbered workspace
Mod1+,to prev workspace next workspace
Mod1+F9create new workspace of default type
F9create new workspace (prompt for type)


Mod1+q - Mod1+eto screen 1-3
Mod1+ito prev screen
Mod1+oto next screen
Mod1+`to next screen


Mod1+k 1 - Mod1+k 0to numbered tab
Mod1+k pto prev tab
Mod1+k nto next tab
Mod1+k ,move tab left
Mod1+k .move tab right
Mod1+k klist clients in order of attention or activity
Mod1+gquery for client window title to switch (go) to
Mod1+aquery for client window title to attach here
Mod1+k ddetach (float) or reattach
Mod1+k lnudge the client window, might help with resize problems
Mod1+cclose current object (client or frame)
Mod1+k ckill client owning the client window
Mod1+k qsend next key to client. Not supported by all clients.
Mod1+Returntoggle fullscreen
Mod1+ttag current window
Mod1+k tclear tags
Mod1+k aattach tagged windows to current frame
Mod1+llock screen

Function keys

F1query for manpage
F2open X terminal
F3query for shell command
Mod1+F3query for LUA command
F4query for SSH
F5query for 'edit file'
F6query for 'view file'
Mod1+mcontext menu